What are items?

Items are a large part of a player’s power budget in TFT. Item components are received from neutral monsters, carousels, and armories, while later on in the game, the player will receive completed items instead. Each basic component gives a corresponding stat boost to attack speed, ability power, attack damage, mana, crit/dodge chance, armor, magic resist, or health. These items can be equipped to units on your board to strengthen them. However, each unit can have at most 3 items equipped.

Combining Items

Two basic components can be combined by equipping the two components to a unit, which creates a complete item that takes the stats of the 2 components and also provides additional powerful effects. Once combined, a combined item cannot be broken back down into the composite components. Without a special drop (item remover / reforger) completed items cannot be removed from the equipped unit without selling it.

Popping off items

Combining a unit into a higher star level allows you to pop off incomplete components or a random completed item if multiple copies of the unit have items equipped. If three full completed items are equipped, then any basic components will be popped off when the unit is upgraded. If 4 or more completed items are equipped onto copies of the unit, then an item(s) will be popped off, with the items equipped to the copy of the unit currently on the board taking precedence.

Item economy

As of now, the minimum total item components you can receive in any given game is 12. Each radiant item counts as 2 components and with the current double radiant patch you will receive 14 item components.

There are guaranteed 4 item components (minimum) from creeps. You are less likely to receive item components you have already received from creeps.

Starting from round 5-7, neutral monsters will have either 1 completed item and drop gold, or 3 completed items with no gold drops.


Dragon with a full item drop

10 item components of “choice”:
1-1 Starting carousel
2-2 Armory
2-4 Stage 2 Carousel
3-4 Stage 3 Carousel
3-6 Radiant Armory
4-2 Armory
4-4 Stage 4 Carousel
5-1 Radiant Armory

Potential armory timings:
5-2 - Ranges from a component to completed items/emblems
6-2 - Usually completed items/emblems

Stage 5 Carousel only has completed items Stage 6 Carousel can have item components

Drops such as item remover, reforger, Tome of Traits, Neeko’s Help do not count towards your total item count.

Special Items

Item Remover

Item remover can be used on a unit to pop all the items that it is holding back onto your bench. Very useful for not selling key units while still being able to transfer items to a better user.

Neeko's Help

Neeko's Help is a special item that can drop from neutral monsters and armories. It allows the player to duplicate a champion that they currently have, bypassing restrictions on champion pool count. It is a powerful item that can be used to spike a board by finding the last copy of a 2* 5 cost or 3* unit. It does not count towards the item component count.

4 Neeko's Helps on bench


Item reforger can be used on a unit to convert all the items that it is holding into random items. Useful for converting useless items + components into potentially something usable.\

Item components will convert into a random non-spatula item component
Spatula will convert into a non-spatula item component.
Completed items will convert into a random completed item.
Spatula emblems will convert into another spatula emblem.
Special emblems will convert into another special emblem.