What is gold?

Gold is a player resource that is displayed in the top middle of the player’s HUD. It can be used to purchase player experience and units. The amount of gold that each player has can be approximated by the number of gold counters on the side of their board (each gold counter means that the player has at least 10*counters the amount of gold).

Econ management is an important skill in TFT. The power cap and ability to spike a given board is closely governed by the amount of gold a player has.

Income / Turn

The amount of gold that each player earns is calculated from:
passive income + streak income + interest + win gold + additional econ traits

Passive Income

The first 5 rounds give 2, 2, 3, 4, 5 gold respectively, then all successive rounds starting from 2-3 will have 5 gold as passive income.

Streak Income

Maintaining a lose streak or win streak will also yield bonus gold. This is why open-fort and aggressively levelling are viable strategies, because these strategies can maintain win/lose streak and therefore extra gold.

1 W/L streak: 0 gold
2 W/L streak: 1 gold
3 W/L streak: 1 gold
4 W/L streak: 2 gold
5+ W/L streak: 3 gold


For each 10 gold that a player has, they earn 1 additional gold / round, up to 5 additional gold/round. This is why it is in a player's best interest to save up gold to 50 gold in order to maximize their economy.

Win Gold

If a player wins the combat phase, they will earn an additonal 1 gold.

Econ traits

Depending on the set, there will be unit traits that grant additional gold. Previous examples of this include Space Pirates, Fortune, and Draconic.