The carousel is a mechanic that allows players to acquire an additional component (or item) during the middle of each stage. There are 9 units on the carousel, and players are able to select their chosen carousel by using their Little Legend to collide with it.

The first carousel consists of only 1 cost units with random components, though some special carousels might have all spatulas or all Force of Natures. All players have access to the first carousel at the same time.


At successive carousels, players will be let out 2 at a time, from lowest HP to highest in order of the HP bar on the right side of the screen. Thus, players may intentionally lose HP in order to gain carousel priority if they need a specific item. Additionally, each carousel will have 2 of the highest cost units that are available on that carousel.

2-4: 3 cost
3-4: 4 cost
4-4+: 5 cost


2-4 - 4-4: single component
5-4: completed items
6-4+: completed items + components