• Using up gold and items earlier than typical to exchange econ/perfect itemization for an early lead/capitalize at your strong point

All in

  • To use up all your gold in a last ditch attempt to strengthen your board and scrape out the highest place you can

  • Generally done when you have 1 life left and you're not trying to save your gold for the next set


  • area of effect, refers to abilities that affect an area of the board


  • refers to the 9 slots in which a player can hold units that are not being played on the board


  • stands for best in slot. Mostly refers to the typically ideal item combination for a given unit. 


  • refers to the units that a player is currently playing

Board cap

  • the strongest your board can (realistically) get (usually 2*ing your entire board with the best comp surrounding your carries)

Bot 4

  • refers to having a final placement 5-8. In ranked queue, going bot 4 results in losing LP. 


  • crowd control, refers to abilities or items (zephyr) which prevent a unit from acting/moving

Cheesing item components

  • putting item components mid fight (usually belt/tear) to win a close fight

Cheesing zephyr/shroud

  • keeping zephyr/shroud on your bench to place right before the start of a fight to "guarantee" high value from the items


  • positioning all your units right next to each other in a ball (generally to protect your backline)


  • stands for expected value (usually of a decision being made)


  • stands for gold. Can mean actively hitting interest breakpoints (10, 20, 30, ...) or just the total amount of money accumulated
  • as a verb, generally means saving up gold to roll at a later point in the game


  • playing "flexibly" so you can adjust which comp you play based off of what the game gives you (generally overemphasized)


  • playing only one comp regardless of your opener and making all your decisions around that idea

Fast 8 / 9

  • concept of playing in a way where you get to level 8/9 as soon as possible (rolling as little as possible)

Full backline

  • putting all your units in the furthest row back

Going infinite

  • the concept of having a sustain based champion be able to infinitely sustain / ramp into overtime


  • Golf with your friends, a superior game to TFT


  • decisions that sacrifice your current board strength to increase your future board strength (or increase likelihood of hitting). Can refer to holding units/items, not rolling when possible, etc.


  • the hexagons on the TFT board in which a player is able to a place a unit

(1/2/3/4) Hex range

  • refers to the range of a unit's auto/skill range


  • refers to having a lucky game (early upgraded units, perfect items, good matchmaking, etc.)


  • finding your desired unit/item


  • rolling down all the way on 3-1 while being level 4 to hit 3* 1 cost units


  • what players say when they take a lot of damage (ex. I took infinite)

Inverting board

  • flipping the standard unit positioning by reflecting vertically (usually only down to deal with sin players)

Item holder

  • refers to a unit that uses completed items well but will be sold later for a better user of the same items

Lives -

  • How many losses you can take before you die

  • For example, 28 hp is roughly 2 lives at stage 6, meaning you can take 2 losses before you die

  • This concept is important to know when you should all in or not and try to place higher


  • refers to having an unlucky game (bad items, not hitting units/upgrades, bad matchmaking, etc.)


  • moving the positioning of a unit/group of units by a hex or two

On interval

  • buying EXP so that you are exactly at 0 EXP when hitting the next level threshold

Off interval

  • buying EXP so that you do not end up at 0 EXP when hitting the next level threshold

Open fort

  • playing a weak board in order to guarantee a loss streak (often done during stage 2)


  • What happens when the 30 second round timer runs out. The fight is accelerated and healing/shields are reduced, while damage is increased.

Playing for top 4

  • making decisions entirely designed to improve your odds of getting a 4th in order to ensure a gain in LP
  • often refers to rolling earlier or slamming items for tempo that may lead to a lower board cap

Pick priority

  • refers to the order that you get to choose items off of the carousel (gaining priority means getting to choose earlier than the other players)


  • usually refers to making the decision to not commit to an originally planned comp (usually a reroll comp) 

Popping off (item)

  • refers to removing certain items/components from a unit without having to sell the unit


  • buying enough EXP so that the next round naturally hits the level threshold (used to adjust your shop odds)


  • refers to effects that occur once every x autos/casts/etc. (such as static shiv)


  • rolling most of your gold on a single turn to hit upgrades and/or transition your board


  • refers to spending 2 gold to get a new list of units in your shop

Strongest board

  • the concept of making the strongest board possible with your current board/bench and available units in the shop


  • short for sacrifice. Generally refers to strategically giving up a round or two (usually done for rerolling at a better timing or trying to get pick priority)


  • checking the boards of the other players in your lobby to see their comp/positioning/etc.


  • related to board cap but usually refers to how strong a comp can get once you hit all your relevant upgrades


  • making completed items (usually as soon as possible)

Slow roll

  • rerolling while staying above 50 gold (usually in order to hit 3* units)


  • refers to the item component called Spatula. Often refers to emblems/completed spatula items


  • refers to making a stronger board than you previously had (usually after rolling and hitting unit upgrades and items)


  • refers to the radiant blessing that you receive when you hit 40 HP

Swap side

  • reflecting your comp from left to right (or vice-versa)


  • a qualitative evaluation of your game state by combining your current board strength, gold economy, HP total and spike timing


  • usually refers to when you change a significant portion of the units on your current board after rolling down 

Top 4

  • refers to the placements 1-4, which guarantees a LP gain

Tuning mana

  • putting mana items on a unit to typically make them cast earlier and/or more frequently (there are some exceptions)

Vertical (comps)

  • comps that rely on putting as much of a specific synergy as possible (usually 5/6+ synergies)


  • stands for win condition.