by SunAstronaut.

SunAstronaut’s Vayne Reroll Guide


A little bit about me for those who don’t know me. I’m Sun Astronaut, one of the most well known Challenger “reroll degens” on NA ladder. Comps I’ve been most famous for playing include, open fort protectors (set 3), open fort spirit aphelios (pre-rework and post rework) (set 4), Ninja Zed and Akali (set 4), Spirit Trist and Zed (set 4.5), and others that I might not recall on the top of my head. I’ve been asked by many about tips on playing Vayne and I told both PockyGom (4th NA Regionals), and SpencerTFT (NA Worlds Rep) that I’d write a guide after they’ve played in their respective tourneys.

Above are some games where I’ve played Vayne to varying degrees of success. I haven’t been hard forcing vayne for a while, but I’ve had times where I had 14/20 Vayne games. I also have an infinite amount of Vayne games on Kurums Golf Card which is another 1K lp account.

Now that Vayne has gotten nerfed multiple times, it is not a comp that is worth hard forcing at the top of the ladder. (I am pretty sure anything sub GM though or even 1k LP it is probably still fine to hard force but I wouldn’t recommend it.)

When is it a Vayne Game?

Since this isn’t a 20/20 guide, I’ll outline when I think it is a Vayne game. Usually the #1 criteria I look for is my items. I actually care less about how many Vaynes I have than my items. I will not play Vayne unless I have half a Runaan's Hurricane (RH) and half a Zeke's Herald (zekes) after 2-2 armory. I just feel like without RH after 2-2 you will be taking so much damage in stage 3 that it isn’t worth playing the comp. (You won’t be winning rounds but we don’t want to be getting 6-0’d every fight in that stage)

If you’re trying to angle Vayne, what start is the best start to go for on opening carousel? Here’s my priority if I want to angle vayne from the start of the game.

  • Bow
  • Belt
  • Vayne with one of glove, BF sword or rod

Items in Vayne Comp + BIS Vayne

I hate saying BIS, but this happens to be one of the most asked questions when people ask how to play a comp. In my opinion there are “mandatory” items, “good” items, and “never make” items.

If I could hand pick items on Vayne every game it would be Guinsoo’s Rageblade (rageblade), RH, and +1. The +1 is lobby dependent. It could be Hand of Justice (HOJ), Giant Slayer (GS), RH, Titan’s Resolve (titans), Bloodthirster (BT), Last Whisperer (LW).

Some questions that might come up about the +1:

  • Why No Jeweled Gauntlet (JG)? JG sucks most of Vayne’s damage actually comes from the ad damage with forgotten.
  • Why Titans? She scales with ad and ap and stacks it up fast cause she’s a ranger.
  • LW? High Iron lobbies you might actually find LW really good.
  • HOJ? She doesn’t use mana right? She uses the stats on HOJ very efficiently that who cares if you waste the mana, plus this comp has a hard time wasting tears.

Other items that are important in the Vayne comp: Zekes and Banshee's Claw. These two items should almost always go on Miss Fortune. The stats are good on Miss Fortune who is sort of a secondary carry in this comp.

Good items/situational items: Redemption is good in AP heavy lobbies for the damage reduction. Locket of the Iron Solari (locket) for more pseudo frontline. Tank items to stack Hecarim as a solo frontliner.

Radiant item ranking

This is a new note that has to be noted in set 5.5. There is no strict best Radiant item and you should think about it a bit but this is a general line up of what are Radiant item I’m looking for. (Important note please think before picking your radiant item. Even if I think Radiant rageblade is the best radiant item in the comp, you already have a normal rageblade and RH and no frontline items it might be better to take a frontline item!)

Damage items:

  1. Guinsoo's Rageblade
  2. Ruunan's Hurricane
  3. Giant Slayer
  4. Zeke's Herald
  5. Hand of Justice
  6. Titan's Resolve
  7. Rapid Firecannon

Defensive items:

  1. Banshee's Claw
  2. Locket of the Iron Solari
  3. Warmog's Armor
  4. Redemption
  5. Sunfire Cape
  6. Gargoyle's Stoneplate

Some important notes: I think the only items that are mandatory in the comp are RH and zekes. Rageblade is nice, but you really just want the initial attack speed to shred through frontline and start attacking the back line.

Vayne Comp Variants

There are multiple variants of Vayne you can play and I’m here to outline all of them.

4 Knight Vayne. I only play this variant if I natural a whole bunch of Leona 3. Leona 3 is actually a very broken frontliner and you can slow roll for her as well with Vayne.

6 Forgotten Vayne. This variant needs you to hit a Viego on 8 or a forgotten emblem. Personally I feel like this variant has the highest cap. Usually when I play this build I’m slow rolling for Thresh, Miss Fortune and Hecarim as well because 3 star forgottens are really powerful with 6 forgotten.

4 Forgotten with 3 Ironclad. This build is definitely the best in heavy AD lobbies. Rell is a nutty frontliner and 3 iron is obviously strong against all AD lobbies.

These are obviously just very general and the most common builds to go for. Please only use this as an outline. The more you play the more you should be able to realize what is your strongest board at any point in the given lobby.

General Gameplay Patterns

In this part of the guide I’ll be talking about how the general game play of the comp looks like. I’ll be outlining how the board looks like at level 5 to level 8. Anything before level 5 doesn’t really matter as in stage 2 you’re literally only holding Vayne and making econ points.

Stage 2

Only hold Vayne and forgotten units. I will hold a single Miss Fortune even if it means if i miss an econ point because you don’t want to have to roll too deep for 4 forgotten or not have it. If you don’t have 4 forgotten you will take infinite damage until you hit.

Carousel: Finish RH or else finish zekes if you have RH already or get a zekes component

Stage 3

On 3-1 you can roll decently deep for vayne 2 and some upgrades on your other forgotten. Take a look at your hp and items. If you have good items and hp you don’t have to roll at all and start slow rolling from 3-2, if not roll down to make a decent board, we need to start saving HP.

Carousel Finish your zekes if you don’t have it complete yet or get yourself ready to make a 2nd Vayne item. You can finish a HOJ if you have tear/glove or go for a rageblade component.

Stage 4

On stage 4-1 you need to hit Vayne 3. I will usually all-in here unless I have high HP. (60+) If you don’t hit by 4-1 you usually will go 8th. People will start to hit their 4 cost carries so position your Vayne on the same side as Lucians and Velkoz. At this stage we also have to make a very important choice. We will decide to either slow roll some on 6 for Hecarim 3 and Thresh 3 or push levels. This depends on the number of Hecarim/Thresh and HP. I usually will roll if i have 6/7 of each and have a decent amount of HP. If not I’ll push levels and hope to hit or else sell to make way for other frontline.

Carousel: Finish up Vayne items. I will take Viego here if it means getting 6 forgotten and I’ll be able to go 8 very soon. Try to get banshee's claw/zekes as well.

Stage 5 and beyond

At this point just position your units in a way that your Vayne doesn’t get targeted. Always center Vayne against Lucians. Velkoz you want to be on the opposite side. You can frontline Vayne against assassin and Akshan carries.

Carousel items: Just take whatever fits.

General Positioning Tips:

Here are some layouts and tips for positioning your comp.

Against Lucian

Against Velkoz just position on the opposite side from the velkoz in the corner.

Velkoz is on the opposite corner.

Against Sins

These are just general outlines use your own discretion when to position.

Closing Thoughts

I don’t think Vayne is a comp worth going 20/20, especially after the most recent nerfs. It is still a very solid comp the nerfs were additive not multiplicative. Is it worth playing? If you have the opener sure, but it definitely not hard forceable. If you have any questions you can ask me on my stream or pockygom’s stream. Pocky also knows majority of the stuff on the comp as well. Thanks for reading.