by Pockygom

Playing around the forgotten opener

What is Forgotten?

In Set 5.5 the Forgotten trait is flat trait buff granting forgotten units 20/40/70/200 AP and AD at tiers of 2/4/6/8 units respectively, with each victorious combat that the units participate in granting an additional stacking 10% stat bonus up to 5 times.

Note: You can obtain forgotten stacks from creep rounds as well so you should put in all of your forgotten units during these rounds.

The units that comprise the Forgotten synergy are

(1 cost) - Vayne [Ranger]
(2 cost) - Hecarim [Cav], Thresh [Knight]
(3 cost) - Miss Fortune [Cannoneer]
(4 cost) - Draven [Legionnaire]
(5 cost) - Viego [Assassin]

This guide will explain how to effectively leverage the forgotten opener into a strong endgame board. Special emphasis will be put on explaining the thought process between determining what comps are viable transition options from different openers.


Core units of the forgotten opener:

Vayne - Good AD/aspd item holder (especially rageblade). Very weak unit without having 4 forgotten, items and rangers. Reroll vayne is very strong with the correct items.
Hecarim - Okay frontline unit that does not scale well with star level. Can be a carry in MF/cavs as a 3* with the right defensive items. Totally fine to keep this unit 2* for majority of forgotten comps and usually is the first to go for draven comp.
Thresh - Amazing utility/cc unit that can often single handedly win fights. Requires good positioning that depends heavily on matchup.
Miss Fortune - Great damage unit that can require no items to provide decent dps + utility from her anti heal. Strong AP carry and can be both an AP/AD item holder.

Units to 2* early that synergize well with the forgotten units:

Senna - good damage and utility early on, especially synergizing well with miss fortune for the cannoneer trait
Kled - great HP, AD/aspd item holder especially when you have knights and cavaliers both in
Poppy - best early game frontline unit that deals good damage and synergizes well with thresh for focusing enemy backline. Ideally position poppy so that she isn’t the first unit being targeted to maximize the amount of times she uses her skill.
Leona - okay tank but usually replaced ASAP

Early synergy units:

Play these synergy units if they provide the relevant synergy for your main carry (which can sometimes be your frontline units).
Do not hold pairs for these units if you can make econ by selling the pair. Make these units 2* if they are given to you though.
Sejuani is the only exception since sejuani is the best 2 cost unit in the game and can easily transition you into other compositions even early on in stage 3.

Early itemization:

Do not go out of your way (armory/carousel) to make any of the defensive items unless it is the only thing you can make!

Try not to make a fully itemized carry before the first radiant armory! The difference between a good radiant item on your carry is huge due to the multiplicative nature of itemization.This can apply to hecarim/sejuani as well if you are rerolling cavs.

Prioritize making flex items when possible so that you can adapt to whatever radiant item you are given. However, do not go out of your way to make a flex item if it makes it difficult to use your remaining components. Your goal is to slam as many useful items on stage 3 to ensure you winstreak with the forgotten board. For this reason, you will want to avoid chain vest, cloak and tear as much as possible as they only let you slam any of the listed items.

Also, generally speaking, do not make AD items if you have already made AP items and vice versa.

Miss Fortune can hold any damage item. With AD/AS items you will want to make sure to have the cannoneer trait in to maximize its value.
If you have rageblade + vayne 2*, you will want to play an extra ranger because the ranger buff is multiplicative on any attack speed your vayne has.


Stage 2:

If you have 2* vayne on 2-1, look at your item components to see if it is an opportunity to reroll vayne. If it looks possible, do not level. Reference SunAstro’s guide for this.

In the case that you do not have any of the strong early game 2* units or 4 forgotten, you will want to go on a loss streak. Openforting is especially appealing if you are planning on rerolling vayne as it gives you item priority to always choose your ideal item component. When playing for loss streak, you do not want to level at the standard timings and you will want to make as much gold as possible and not slam items. Your goal is have enough gold to roll on 3-2 and hit 2* forgotten units and strong/flexible items.

Even if you hit early 4 forgotten do not play too aggressively with items/econ. 4 forgotten usually does not win fights without additional traits + items (cav/knights/rangers/cannoneers).

In general, try to itemize your upgraded units/supporting synergies that you have on your board: ex. With 2* senna + MF - you can put either AD/AP items (Guinsoos/DB/etc.) onto your MF instead of vayne.

Stage 3:

Only level on 3-1 if you have a 4 or 5 win streak going into it and already have a good frontline. Most games will be level 6 on 3-2 and roll for forgotten units. The goal is to find 2* frontline either in the form of hecarim + sej/rell or poppy + thresh while hitting 4 forgotten.

The 4 forgotten damage spike makes it appealing to pick up the offensive trait of whichever unit you are itemizing (cannoneer for mf, ranger for vayne, legionnaire for draven if you find one).

If you have mostly defensive items at this point, you want to play around cavaliers + knight synergy instead. You are okay with being at 10 gold if it ensures you hit your 2*s (you don’t expect to 2* MF here though)

With 2* frontline and decent items, you will win most of your fights on this stage since 4 forgotten is a very strong early game synergy.

Radiant Armory:

You will typically want to take an item for your carry (or planned carry). If you have no good dmg item to take for your carry, you will want to take the best flex option possible. This can depend heavily on what comps are being played in the lobby and we won’t go into that here.

In the case where you have to take one of the situational radiant items, generally the best unit to play off of with those items is Draven (he can use GA/QSS/RFC well and LW is okay if you have an IE).

Stage 4:

This is the main point where you will decide whether you want to stay on 4 forgotten or transition to a different board. This depends very heavily on your current HP + items as well as the state of the rest of the lobby. We will not go into too much detail about analyzing the rest of the lobby.

General rule of thumbs for stage 4:
If you are transitioning off of AP Miss Fortune, you will want to transition on 5-1 at level 8. It costs too much gold to transition off of the forgotten board into the AP boards on stage 4.

Even if your endgame goal is to play Aphelios/Akshan, you can use Draven, Lucian or Jax to stabilize you into Aphelios/Akshan. This will be necessary if you have too little HP to sack the majority of stage 4 to quickly reach level 8.

If you are above 80 HP at 4-1, you do not want to end up below 20 gold at any point in stage 4. Certain comps will demand you to transition/roll on 4-1 even from a win streak (mostly MF, draven, lucian, jax). However, you have a huge HP advantage that you will want to play greedily so that you can go level 8 with a lot of gold (30+ gold to roll with on 8).

If you are below 50 HP at 4-1, you will want to play for a level 7 comp unless you have enough gold to level at 4-5 and roll. Do not be afraid to roll down to 10 to hit 2* units.

If you are somehow below 30 HP at 4-1, just all-in onto a level 7 comp. Generally speaking, do not all in on MF because in the majority of games you will not have enough hp to roll for 3* MF/cavs.

Relevant comps

Will not go into full detail for each of these comps but these are general templates to work off of when determining your end comp/transition timing..

Vayne carry

  • See more details on how to play Vayne with SunAstro's Vayne Guide (coming soon!)

Roll timing: Level 5 while playing 4 forgotten 2 rangers
Core items: Runaans, zekes, trapclaw


Roll timing: Level 6/7 for 3* cavs + 3* MF
Core items: Shojin, AP item


Roll timing: Level 8
Core items: Deathblade, rageblade


Roll timing: Level 7 for 6 sentinel
Core item: Any collection of non AP dmg items

Teemo, Heimer, Karma, Velkoz

Roll timing: Level 8 (sometimes level 7 for velkoz)
Core items: Blue buff/shojin, AP items


Roll timing: Level 7 for 4 legionnaire, 2 forgotten
Core items: AD items