by Rue and Pocky

New player? Returning player who hasn't played for a while? Wanting to try out a Riot game after watching Arcane?

Here's a short quickstart guide to help you hit the ground running when you start playing set 6.

With the advent of the new TFT set-- Set 6, aka Gizmos and Gadgets almost upon us, we've written a guide to help players, both old and new, get up to speed on the multitude of new mechanics and exciting changes that are part of the new set.

For players who are completely new to the game, or those who want a refresher on the core game mechanics -- check out our new player guide or wiki.

Set 6 Mechanic - Augments

What are augments?

Hextech Augments are the set 6 mechanic. Augments provide gold, items, combat stats, or some other form of utility that (generally) last for the entire game.

Players are offered a choice of 3 augments at the beginning of stages 1-4, 3-3, and 4-6

Choosing an augment

Augments themselves give many different bonuses, but they are organized within 3 tiers of power. When offered an augment, all players will be a given 3 choices within the given augment tier. For example, it wouldn't be possible for you to be offered tier 1 augments while your opponent is offered tier 3 augments.

After choosing an augment, the augment will be visible in the player's Hexcore, the floating gear on the left side of the player's board. 

How to pick an augment?

In general, augments can be classified by the type of bonus that they provide.

Combat augments

Some augments like Knife's Edge or Cybernetic Implants give raw combat stats like health, AD/AP, attack speed, and healing, among others. These are generally flexible bonuses that can fit most boards, though AP comps can't use the AD well, and vice versa.

Econ augments

The other major class of augments boost your economy. This can take the form of giving a one time large gold bonus, or having higher tier shops, generating extra gold per combat, or giving free XP. These tend to snowball the earlier you get them, but they are also flexible and let you play into any kind of board.

Trait augments

These give bonus combat effects for a particular trait. In particular, many of the augments also give the ability to fit in extra traits. These can take the form of the heart/soul augments, which give +1/+2 of a given trait, respectively, or just in the form of an emblem.

Find the full list of augments here:


As with every new set, the new units and new traits may seem daunting. To make this more manageable, we've classified the traits by generally what purpose they'll serve in a team.

Frontline Traits

  • Bodyguard - taunts enemies and gives armor to bodyguard units

  • Innovator - summons an additional unit that serves as additional frontline and has a teamwide buff at 5/7

  • Colossus - can't be CC'd and takes 25% less damage. Colossi take up TWO unit slots on the board.

  • Protector - gives an additional shield on spell cast

  • Bruiser - gives additional HP to all units, double the amount for bruiser units

Offensive Traits


  • Twinshot - additional AD and has a chance to attack twice

  • Challenger - gives bonus attack speed, extra attack speed and dash on unit kill


  • Arcanist - additional AP to team and bonus AP to arcanist units


  • Sniper - extra damage for each hex the target is away

  • Academy - bonus AD/AP, additional on ally ability cast

  • Assassins - bonus crit chance and crit damage. Every assassin's spell can crit.

  • Imperial - grants the imperial unit(s) that dealt the most damage extra damage %


  • Enchanter - teamwide magic resist, bonus to healing + shielding

  • Clockwork - teamwide attack speed boost

  • Scholar - all units passively gain additional mana / second

  • Enforcer - highest HP unit (2) / highest DPS (4) unit is disabled at the beginning of combat.

  • Socialite - gives bonuses to a unit on a random and fixed hex for that game. The hex is the same for all players. Boosts damage dealt (1) / Gives additional mana / second (2) / Gives omnivamp (3)

Econ Traits

  • Yordle - spawns an additional Yordle after every player combat. If all Yordles are 3* already, will spawn Veigar, a 5 cost. 

  • Mercenary - similar to Fortune from set 4. Grants a reward after winning a player combat. Consecutive player losses (with mercenary in) grant additional rewards.

Miscellaneous (Combat)

  • Scrap - temporarily completes components on scrap units at the start of combat. Grants all units a shield at the start of combat.

  • Mutant - different effect in every game. Can be used to enable multiple different carries.

  • Chemtech - grants Chemtech units attack speed, healing, and damage reduction for a set duration after losing HP.

  • Syndicate - gives Syndicate unit(s) armor / magic resist and omnivamp.

To see the details for all of the new set 6 traits, see:

Item Changes

a few of the items had their effects changed.

  • Deathblade (Sword + Sword) - no longer gives stacking AD on takedown. Now grants flat AD at the start of combat based on unit star level. 

  • Statikk Shiv (Bow + Tear) - gives 15% aspd and also on-hit MR reduction + shiv proc. 

  • Runaan's Hurricane (Bow + Cloak) - no longer procs on-hit effects. Now grants additional AD. 

  • Archangel's Staff (Tear + Rod) - now gives increasing AP for every second of combat. 

  • Banshee's Claw (Belt + Glove) - no longer blocks CC spells multiple times when stacking spell shields. Additional shields only block extra damage / shield stack.

Spatula Items

With each new set, new traits also bring new emblems. We've come up with a handy way to remember which spatula makes which trait.

The new spatula items are:

Sword / Imperial

Imperial units need to have swords to conquer people.

Rod / Arcanist

AP component -> AP trait

Glove / Assassins

Gloves are always sins, since the component gives crit, and sins gives crit

Bow / Challenger

Challenger players have high APM -> attack speed component

Tear / Academy

People cry a lot in school, so it's a tear

Belt / Chemtech

Chemtech units are kinky so you need to whip them with a belt (to turn a unit into a chemtech)

Vest / Syndicate

Take off your chain vest so you can be naked and sneaky like a syndicate

Cloak / Mutant

Cloak is magic resist and mutants are resistant to radiation (magic)