Despite TFT being 2 years old, we realized that the barrier of entry into TFT was unreasonably higher than it should be. New players did not have a proper tutorial or entry point to learn the basics of the game and players looking to improve had no centralized resource to guide them through the learning process. Our goal is to curate a large collection of guides/coaches to aid players of all skill levels learn and improve at TFT.

Our Team


Rue, also known as “rue loves you” on NA server, often bounces around top 50 in NA and has competed in Giantslayer Series and Challenger Series previously. She also enjoys watching other vtubers, especially Sakura Miko and Nyanners.

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Pocky (or Gom) is frequently top 10 on NA ladder and acquired the most snapshot points in set 5.0 as well as placing 4th in the Set 5 NA regionals. Has a penchant for playing troll comps/limit testing.

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