Our Coaches

Pockygom is a top challenger player. An frequent contender in the competitive scene, he is often top 10 on NA ladder, previously earning the most snapshot points in set 5.0. He is also known for placing 4th in the Set 5 NA Regionals tournament, and more recently, scoring highest overall on the final day of the Piltover Cup in Set 6.0.

Coaching Style

Not all good players are good at teaching the game. However, Pockygom has refined his coaching style to help his students get the most out of their coaching. Instead of live coaching, which often ends up being backseating where the student is unable to retain a lot of the information, Pockygom helps students review their recorded games and identify areas of key improvement.


The rate for coaching is $40 / VOD.


Please contact Pockygom if you're interested in being coached.
Email: johnjaeryungsong@gmail.com
Discord: pockygom#9983
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pockygom