by Rue & Pockygom

TFT Set 6 Patch 11.24B - Best Comps Tier List

These are the strongest comps to play in the current patch, Set 6 11.24B. These opinions are gathering from playing in Challenger lobbies, and collecting the opinions of multiple other Challenger players.

While we saw the emergence of extremely strong 5 cost options in the form of syndicate Akali and a meta that was mainly shaped around Archangel's, as well as a strong reroll option in protector mutant reroll and just general reroll mutant, the B patch has brought a lot of the balance outliers back in line. However, while Akali is still viable it seems that legendaries and 4 cost boards are still dominating the meta, with Kaisa and a strong colossus frontline as well as chemtech bruisers dominating the current meta. While there are a large amount of viable reroll comps, expect to see most lobbies being won by Urgot or capped Colossus/Kaisa/Socialite (CoKS) boards.

S: 3 Socialite Viktor/Kaisa/Akali carry

A+: Chemtech Bruiser Urgot

A: Jhin, Sin-dicates Shaco/Akali carry, Socialite Fiora, Yone, Trist reroll

B: Kat reroll, Protector mutant reroll, Mutants, Samira reroll, Warwick reroll, Heimerdinger scholar reroll

C: Singed/Twitch 1 cost reroll, Arcanists, Vertical Academy, Syndicate reroll, Innovators, Trundle/Vi reroll

Tiers explained:

We rate the comps in general by the number of things that need to "go right" for a comp to achieve a certain placement. All the comps that are on the list are viable comps that can succeed under certain circumstances, but comparatively a C tier comp may require highrolling certain units/augments in order to contest top 4, while an A/S tier comp can usually play off of generic/common augments and a variety of openers for a consistent top 4 (or higher) finish.

Socialite Colossus 5 Cost

Rating: S+ (hard to be able to hit the board, usually can't play this every game)

Augments: Anything, Socialite heart is especially good

Item Priority: Play for econ/hp. Morellos/Shiv/GA.

Key Itemization

Kaisa: MORELLOS + GA/Archangels/Shiv/Rageblade/HoJ/

Viktor: GA/Archangels

Sion: Tank items

Galio: Tank items or Runaans/IE

When to play

Need to roll for this board at 8 or 9. Need to have good econ to roll down on a higher level.

How to play

Play for maximum econ/hp while slamming future Kaisa items going up. Roll down on 8 to hit colossus 3 socialite, and Kaisa 1 is usually stable. Viktor/Akali can also substitute for Kaisa, since GA Arch is the key itemization in this build. However, generally Kaisa >> Viktor/Akali and she makes amazing use out of Morello.

Chemtech Bruiser Twinshot Urgot

Rating: A+, S with Instant Injection

Augments: Instant Injection > Chemtech Emblem, combat augments (Celestial/Thrill/Titanic/Knife's Edge, etc.)

Item Priority: Bow > Belt > Glove

Key Itemization

Urgot: LW/Runaans + (GA/Shiv/IE/QSS/BT/Titans)

Lissandra: Morellos

Mundo/Kench: Tank items

When to play

Strong AD board that can easily cap out into a 1st place board with legendaries. However, it is usually quite expensive and strongly prefers to be rolling at 8, so strong early econ is mandatory.

How to play

Can play mercs into cashout into Urgot, or play strong board with Runaans/Shiv/LW slammed to go 7 or 8. Roll down and find the board, though having a strong frontline is really important for the comp. The comp becomes "strong" by playing Tahm Kench and Yuumi. Chemtech spat on Tahm or Jinx can be a large power spike for the comp.
If you can go 9, Tahm Kench + Yuumi + Jayce usually is one of the strongest possible boards currently.


Rating: A+, S+ with Broken Stopwatch

Augments: Broken Stopwatch >>> fairly augment agnostic

Item Priority: Sword / Glove > Bow

Key Itemization

Jhin: IE/LW/GS/DB, OK-ish items - (QSS/GA/BB/Runaans/BT/HoJ/JG/Shojins)

Braum: Bramble/Warmogs (tank items)

MF or Ori: Shojins/Archangels/Deathcap/Shiv

When to play

Consistent AD comp that can make use of most slammable AD items. Can play into Jhin from almost any spot.

How to play

Roll for Jhin/Ori/Braum on 7 or 8 depending on how strong your board is. Typically requires a strong frontline, but Jhin does very well with many AD items. MF or Ori can be a secondary carry with AP items. The board is quite stable, though it has trouble with assassins. The comp caps with Yuumi/Galio/Jayce. Bodyguard enchanters are also very strong, especially into AP boards like Viktor/Kaisa/Akali.

Sin-dicates Shaco Akali carry

Rating: A

Augments: One for All, Cutthroat, Knife Edge, Thrill of the Hunt

Item Priority: Bow > Glove > Sword

Key Itemization

Shaco: LW/RH + 1 of IE/GS/QSS/RFC/GA

Braum: Bramble/Warmogs (tank items)

Ekko: Morellos/FH

When to play

Strong off of early Shaco + early 2* syndicates/bodyguards

How to play

Prioritize Shaco items to stabilize you in the midgame. Usually roll for 2* units on level 6 to stabilize. Can play syndicate board or 4 sin/2 bodyguard board with leona/blitz. End game goals are Shaco 3, Akali 2. Depending on your HP, you can roll either on 7 or 8 for Shaco 3. Akali doesn't do much without items so don't plan for her too much. 7 syndicate is usually a bait unless you have One for All.

Socialite Fiora

Rating: A

Augments: Built Diff (drop Kaisa), Duet/Share the Spotlight, any combat augments, Socialite Heart

Item Priority: Defensive items (optimize for strong board)

Key Itemization

Fiora: Titans/JG/IE, can use (BT/DB/Hoj/RFC/GS)

Braum/Galio: Tank items

When to play

Pivot into this board from a strong early game, hard to play specifically for Fiora. Requires a lot of gold to be able to go 8 and play high value boards. It is MUCH better if the socialite spot is somewhere good, like in the sides of the 2nd or 3rd rows.

How to play

Play a strong early game board (can be a built diff pivot as well) and go 8/9 to roll for a high value board with Fiora carry. The board is somewhat flexible, and you can put excess AP items on Seraphine, Orianna, or Kaisa, depending on what you hit. You can also play Sion/Blitz instead of Braum depending on what augments you have to fit it. If playing the Sion version, sub out Braum and Orianna for the Sion.

Challenger Yone

Rating: A, A+ with En Garde/Challenger Emblem/Knife's Edge

Augments: En Garde/Challenger Heart/Emblem, Knife Edge, Thrill/Celestial, combat augs

Item Priority: Bow > Glove

Key Itemization

Yone: Runaans/LW + 1 (QSS/GA)

Kaisa: AP

Fiora: any additional AD

When to play

Can play either strong early board or weak board, but you need to have the econ to roll for Yone/Fiora/Yuumi. Usually flex between Yone/Urgot depending on what you hit.

How to play

Roll for Yone/Fiora on 7 or 8, any excess AP items can go onto Kaisa. Vertical challengers is the strongest for this comp, and 8 challengers is also a strong spike. Positioning is quite important to try and be same side for Jhin and opposite side for Urgot. Yuumi spikes the comp extremely hard, and positioning Fiora near Yone is strong for getting the first challenger reset proc. Zephyr is also quite strong to remove a frontliner in front of Yone.

Trist Reroll

Rating: A

Augments: Featherweights, Reroll/econ augments

Item Priority: Sword/bow > Glove

Key Itemization

Trist: LW/RB/DB (HOJ, BT, QSS, Runaans, IE are okay)

Jhin: IE/LW/GS/DB, OK-ish items - (QSS/GA/BB/Runaans/BT/HoJ/JG/Shojins)

Braum/Poppy: Bramble/Warmogs (tank items)

When to play

Early Trist 2* with yordle/bodyguard opener.

How to play

Roll for Leona, Taric and 2* board on 6. Roll on 6 until you get Trist 3. You can make 3* Poppy, 3* Lulu, 3* Ziggs but prioritize making 3* Trist. Level up to 8 and fill out the rest of the board with a Jhin-esque comp. If you hit early enough, you can usually go level 9 with this comp. Don't be afraid to sell Poppy 3 if you have a good replacement (2* Jayce, Braum), she usually doesn't do much other than take hits. Sell Lulu if you don't have her 3* by the time you hit level 8.

Katarina Reroll

Rating: B

Augments: Smoke Bomb, Cutthroat, Reroll/econ augments

Item Priority: Glove > Rod

Key Itemization

Katarina: IE/Ionic/HOJ (AA, Rabs, GS, GA, Gunblade)

Ekko: FH, Morello, AA

Leona: Bramble/Warmogs (tank items)

Zephyr on frontline/cc + shroud

When to play

Leona opener with sins or open fort (difficult to play without two/three item Katarina on stage 3).

How to play

Roll for Leona, Ekko and 2* sins (especially Katarina) on 6. Roll on 6 until you hit 3* sins. Level up to 7 if you can fit 6 sins or 4 bodyguard due to augments/emblems. Focus on positioning to catch the enemy backline.


Rating: B

Augments: Unstable Evolution, Armor Plating (Target Dummies for Voracious Appetite), Mutant Heart/Emblem

Item Priority: Tear > Belt > Rod

Key Itemization

Cho'Gath: Bramble/Dclaw/Redemption/Warmogs

Kog'maw/Kaisa/Malz: Any AP, Statikk Shiv, GA

When to play

The comp is best if you hit Cho'Gath early. Otherwise, Cho is too squishy without stacks on his ability. Otherwise, check mutant and decide if your items can fit it and if you hit the units.

How to play

Play the mutants and itemize to save HP so that you can go 8 and cap the board with Kaisa. Sion is very strong in the composition to pair with Cho'Gath. Shiv is extremely good, especially with hyper-adrenal mutation, and Malz is an extremely strong carry that can be rerolled in Synaptic Web mutation. Cybers in general are quite strong.

The weaker ones in the current meta are bio-leeching and metamorphosis in the current meta. Depending on what the mutation is, having a mutant emblem is extremely strong, particularly in Voracious Appetite which enable spat carries like Viktor / Jhin.

Samira Reroll

Rating: B, A with Assassin emblem, All for One

Augments: Assassin Emblem, All for One, Healing augment

Item Priority: Bow > Glove > BF

Key Itemization

Samira: LW, RH + 1 (IE, DB, GS, GA, QSS Assassin emblem)

Sion: Bramble

Zephyr, Shroud, Locket

When to play

Samira on stage 2 or strong challenger opener or early imperial opener

How to play

Usually a pretty highroll comp that requires an early 2* Samira. Prioritize LW and look for 3 imperials on 3-2 and 2* most of your board. If possible, roll for 2* Samira on 3-2 but don't roll for it if most of your board is already 2*. The end goal is to find a Samira 3* with a Sion 2* frontline which requires you to roll on level 7. If contested, push level 8 and try to have contesters die so that you can roll for 3* Samira later. Assassin emblem makes Samira significantly better as she struggles to deal with the late game frontline CC. Healing augments + full damage items is usually better than damage augments + 1 healing item. Also, to avoid getting Samira enforced you will need to have a 3* WW or Warmogs on a non-Sion unit.

Prot mutant reroll

Rating: B, A with Trade Sector/Featherweights

Augments: Unstable Evolution, First Aid Kit, Protector Heart/Emblem, generic healing/econ

Item Priority: Bow/Tear/Belt > Chain

Key Itemization

Kassadin: Bramble/Dclaw/Redemption/Warmogs

Kog'maw: Statikk Shiv, QSS + Rageblade/GS/Deathcap

When to play

This is fine to play if you have a good augment for the comp and you end up hitting a lot of the key units in Stage 2. Mutant spat helps the composition be a lot more stable early while rolling on 5 before you can fit mutant in.

How to play

Play the Kassadin/Kog/Cait/Graves/Garen core on 5, occasionally Blitzcrank can be better than Cait. Play high econ during stage 2 so that you can go into Krugs with at least 30, preferably 50 gold at 3-1. Slowroll on 5 until hitting the key 1 cost units, then roll for Kog on 6. In general, the best mutations for the comp are: Voracious Appetite > Hyper-adrenal > Cyber/Bio-leeching > Metamorphosis/Synaptic.

To cap out, usually want Sion 2 in the comp at 7, on 6 you can usually just play Mutant. Level 8 board has mutant + Sion 2.

Warwick Reroll

Rating: B, A with Featherweights, Instant Injection

Augments: Featherweight, Chemtech Emblem, Instant Injection, any combat augments.

Item Priority: Bow

Key Itemization

Lissandra: Morellos

Warwick: QSS - MANDATORY + Shiv/Titans/Rageblade/GS

When to play

Good augments for the comp (especially featherweights), and hitting a healthy amount of Warwicks naturally

How to play

This board tends to be quite strong early, so you can play a strong chemtech board early with QSS/Shiv Warwick, which should keep you extremely healthy into stage 3. Reroll on level 6 for the board, playing 5 chemtech + 2 Challenger. Cap out by teching in strong units like Yuumi or additional challengers if you can go up.

Heimerdinger Scholars

Rating: B

Augments: Scholar Heart//Crown

Item Priority: Rod/Tear > Belt/Chain

Key Itemization

Heimerdinger: BB/Gunblade/Archangels

Lissandra: Morellos

Braum/Leo: Tank items

When to play

Must have at least +1 scholar. Yordle start is preferable, playing Poppy/Lulu/Heimer in the midgame for econ and extra Heimerdingers. Must be playing for a strong stage 3, since the comp needs to hit Yuumi.

How to play

Yordle opener into roll for Heimer on stage 7 or 8. The comp struggles without an extremely strong frontline and also spikes incredibly hard with 6 scholar, so it is extremely preferable to roll for Heimer/Liss 3 on level 8. Enchanter/Bodyguard is a strong midgame and lategame frontline to play off of. The cap is very high, but you need to highroll early/mid for this comp.

Twitch 1 Cost Reroll

Rating: C, B with Featherweight or 1-4 High Roller

Augments: Featherweights, Celestial

Item Priority: Bow/Glove > Sword/Belt/Chain

Key Itemization

Twitch: Runaans/LW/IE or (GS/QSS/BB)

Singed: Tank items

Ekko: Frozen Heart

When to play

Much better with Featherweights, otherwise, if you natural a lot of Twitch or Singed early, this comp is quite good. In prismatic if you get offered dice, you can usually guarantee Twitch and Singed 3* at 2-1.

How to play

Hold the units while maximizing econ. Slowroll at 5 after Krugs. Positioning is important. If you end up hitting 3* Ezreal but few Twitch, you can play Innovators around 3* Ezreal instead.

Reroll Syndicate

Rating: C

Augments: Featherweights, Syndicate Heart/Emblem

Item Priority: Tear/Rod/Chain/Belt

Key Itemization

Darius: Warmogs/Bramble/Redemption (general tank items)

TF: BB/Morellos/Arch

When to play

Much better with Featherweights, or if you natural infinite syndicates early on.

How to play

Hold the units while maximizing econ. Slowroll at 5 after Krugs. Play whatever units you hit as you go up after hitting 3* Darius and TF. In general, Enchanter/Scholar is pretty strong to tech in with Janna/Taric. The board can cap out on 8 with itemized Akali if possible.


Rating: C, B-ish with arcanist emblems

Augments: Arcanist heart / Runic Shield

Item Priority: Tear/Rod > Belt/Chain

Key Itemization

Vex: Tank items

Lux/Malz: BB/JG + IE/GS (for Malz GB/Morellos OK)

When to play

Yordle opener into stage 3 vex 2 + malz to either hold items for Lux to carry. The comp tends to not win out lategame unless you can hit Viktor 2 and Vex 3 so you need to

How to play

If you have a strong opener, play for strong board into Vex 2. Otherwise, more consistent is to play Yordles and hope you hit Vex 2 in Stage 3. Carry Malz during the early game and he can do very well. Can choose to reroll on 7 for enchanters + Malz/Vex, or go up to 8 and play 6 arcanist + enchanters or scholars depending on what augments you have. Cap out the board with Viktor 2 / Arcanist Kaisa.

Vertical Academy

Rating: C, A with enough academy emblems/cram session

Augments: Academy crest/soul, Cram session

Item Priority: Tear/Rod > Glove

Key Itemization

Katarina: BB/Ionic/IE (HOJ, GA, Gunblade)

Lux: BB/JG + IE/GS (for Malz GB/Morellos OK)

Yone: Runaans, RB, GA/QSS

When to play

2* academy opener with Leona and/or early academy augment/emblem.

How to play

Look to win streak off of 4 academy as soon as possible. Usually requires level 6 for a good board but with a single academy emblem you can realistically be strong from level 5 to 7. Roll for 2* as soon as possible (usually 3-2) and try to streak into 6/8 academy. Academy emblem makes this comp much stronger as units like Ekko, Fiora, Seraphine and Kai'sa are great academy emblem users. Academy BB/Shojin Samira is a great battery for generating AD/AP for the whole team.


Rating: C, A with Innovator Emblem/Crown

Augments: Innovator Emblem/Crown

Item Priority: Anything

Key Itemization

Ez/Jhin/Backline Jayce: DB/IE/LW

Seraphine: Morellos/Archangels/Shojins

When to play

MUST HAVE INNO EMBLEM/SOUL TO PLAY VERTICAL INNOVATORS. Otherwise, pivot innovators board out into either Jhin or Socialite Kaisa/Viktor.

How to play

Go up as quickly as possible, using innovator + scrap to play a strong midgame board. With innovator emblem, 7 innovator is quite strong. The most important thing is to use a tanky frontline for bear/dragon to boost team damage and let morellos/archangels stack damage. Shiv is quite good in this comp as well. Ezreal can be AD carry until hitting a backline Jayce to swap out instead, or you can tech in Jhin as the AD carry. Caps out with hitting 2* legendaries.

Ziggs is a replacement for the innovation in the above picture.

Trundle Vi Bruiser Reroll

Rating: C, B with Featherweights

Augments: Featherweights, Bruiser emblem, Sin spat, Weakspot

Item Priority: Bow/Cloak

Key Itemization

Trundle: QSS/Runaans/BT (Can sub QSS for sin spat)

Ekko: Frozen Heart/Morellos

Vi: BB + AP

When to play

Good augments for the comp (especially featherweights) and naturalling a lot of Trundles

How to play

Strong early board should help to save HP. The board rarely wins out against the current meta endgame boards, so you should slam items to preserve streak. Getting blue buff + AP onto Vi early should help to blow through the frontline, especially if you don't have LW on Trundle into the heavy armor boards which are currently meta. Frozen heart Ekko on enemy backline carries also makes a big difference. Sin spat trundle can be a wincon. You can go up and play more units (Tahm, Illaoi) for 6 Bruiser, or play bruiser spat Yuumi.