by Rue

11.23B Comp List

After the Sion nerfs, we've seen a huge rise in Katarina comps as well as a return to the AD 4 cost carries. Arcanists are still quite strong, but there's little recourse for missing on Lux/Vex. Fast 9 comps are still incredibly strong and can cap out with Jinx/Jayce/Yuumi/Kaisa.

To give some additional context into the tiers:
S: Disproportionately strong comps that are forceable. In this specific patch, only Katarina is forceable from S tier. Jinx relies on being able to successfully fast 9 and cap out the board.
A: Extremely strong comps that can be forced into with relative success, top 4 with relative consistency, and can contest top 2 in the lobby.
B: These comps are STRONG when given the spot to play them. Less CONSISTENT if you force them, but can still often top 4, and can contest top 2 with highroll (units/augments).
C: Strong in specific situations. Often requires highroll to play but if you have the spot, the comp will usually top 4.

S: Katarina Reroll, Chemtech Bruiser Jinx (Fast 9)

A: Arcanist, Yone, Dark star mutants (voracious)

B: Snipers, Prot mutant reroll, Bruiser trundle/vi reroll, Samira reroll,Sin-dicates, Chemtech Urgot (Lvl 8)

C:WW Reroll

Katarina Reroll

S, S+ with early econ augment (calculated loss, meta, trade sector)

Item Priority

Katarina: Ionic/IE+healing

Super strong comp that rerolls on 6. With spat, can play 6 sins + 2 bodyguard. Can tech in socialite since Katarina is somewhat positioning agnostic. 

Jinx Bruiser Twinshots

S - To give some context, this specific comp is being used as a stand-in for a SUCCESSFUL fast 9 board, most of which go into Jinx boards. It specifically caps out extremely high, but it is NOT a comp that you can try to go into the game playing, but it's important to understand the strength of fast 9 in any given meta.

Item priority:

Mundo: Warmogs+tank items

Jinx: GA

Urgot: Runaans + damage

 One of the strongest endgame boards with 2* jinx, but still does well with urgot midgame. Fairly augment agnostic, and has strong legendary techs in Jayce/Viktor if you hit and have items for them.  

Darkstar Mutants

(A, S+ with target dummies)

Item prio

Malz: Guardian Angel

ZZrot for frontline

Push levels and play for upgraded legendaries (Kaisa/Yuumi/Viktor)

Very flexible items, GA malz can carry through midgame and Mutant carry (Urgot/Viktor/Jinx) can be a wincon.


A+, becomes a lot stronger with heart/soul/spat.

Item priority:

Vex: Tank items

Lux: Infinity Edge/Jeweled Gauntlet/Blue buff

Viktor: Shojin

This comp needs to go 8. It can cap out very high with Vex 3, Viktor 2, Yuumi, but sometimes has trouble getting to that point. Vex 2 is incredibly strong in the midgame with strong tank items. Positioning is important for Lux and having Vex avoid Tahm Kench.

Vertical Challenger Yone

A, A+ with En garde, challenger emblems

Yone: GA/Runaans + 1 dmg

Kaisa: AP

Locket and utility are good in this comp.


The comp wants to go 8, play strong board up to 8 then roll for 2*s. Spikes very hard with hitting 5 costs (especially Yuumi). GA (or QSS) is extremely important. Locket is pretty good in this comp, as is Zephyr for zephyring the first unit in front of Yone. Positioning Yone near Fiora also helps to get the first challenger reset proc.

Trundle Vi Ekko Bruiser Reroll

B, S with featherweights

Item Priority

Trundle: QSS / runaans + healing

Ekko: ap/frozen heart/morellos

Reroll on 6/7. Very strong midgame that tends to bleed out towards lategame. Can flex between 6 bruiser from depicted board or add in Lissandra and Janna/Yuumi.  Very strong with certain augments, reasonably strong otherwise.


B-, A with all for one

Item Priority
Samira: 2 damage (ie/lw/db/gs)+healing
Utility: Locket/Zephyr

Can reroll on 6 or 7 depending on health. Very strong with All of One augment, otherwise generic healing or imperial/challenger augments are also good. Typically position 2nd or 3rd row if 2* samira, then can frontrow her after 3* but she can't be in front of Urgot. If you don't have anything to play on 7, 2* sion with tank items with 4 challenger 3 imperial is fairly strong in the midgame as well, though you want to pivot out of it.

Prot mutant reroll

B+, A+ with featherweights/trade sector

Item priority

Kog: 2 dmg + defense or 3 dmg (very flexible)

Kassadin: Tank items

Reroll on 5. Kog has flexible itemization, and tank items go on kassadin. Spikes after hitting 3*s, then can level to add in mutant / and strong units from that point on. Is relatively mutant agnostic, though a good one increases the cap of the comp. 


B - does poorly into Kat meta


Jhin/Trist: AD items (IE/LW/GS, guinsoos for trist)

Relatively consistent comp that has both AD and AP carry. Usually needs to be played from a good spot. With sniper emblems, can tech in 4 snipers with cait and play Jayce frontline for enforcer. Bodyguards/brawlers/Jayce are all acceptable frontline, but bodyguards tend to be the easiest and most consistent. If there are a lot of sin players, it helps a lot to build GA on Jhin.

Innovator Seraphine Heimer Jayce

B, A with self-repair, S with innovator emblem (7 innovators is incredibly strong!)

Item priority

Frontline item on Taric/Singed/Jayce

Damage items onto Heimer (Blue buff, AP) or Seraphine (archangels/shojins)

Ziggs is a replacement for the innovation in the above picture. 

Go up as quickly as possible, using innovator + scrap to play a strong midgame board. With innovator emblem, 7 innovator is quite strong. The most important thing is to use a tanky frontline for bear/dragon to boost team damage and let morellos/archangels stack damage. In a pinch, or if you highroll heimer, 3* heimer is also a strong carry. Shiv is quite good in this comp as well. Caps out with hitting 2* legendaries. Can also carry Jhin or ranged Jayce in a pinch if you hit mostly AD components. Starts to fall off hard with only 5 innos, spikes extremely hard when you summon the hydra at 7 innovators if you have an emblem/innovator heart.

Sin-dicates Shaco Akali

B-, B+ with spat

Defensive items onto Darius/Braum

Akali: 2 dmg (ionic/ie/deathcap) + defensive (GA)

Shaco: 2 damage (IE/GS/Deathblade/Runaans) + defensive (GA)

The most important thing is to be able to hit Akali 2. Try to play around strong syndicate midgame board with Darius / Blitz frontline. Shaco is strong in the midgame especially with healing augments like thrill, but he needs damage items to do anything. Akali 2 helps the board cap really hard and it has a favorable matchup into arcanists and snipers.

Warwick Reroll

C+, B with featherweights/trade sector

Item Prio

WW: QSS (must) with 2 damage (Titans/Shiv)

Can play either the chemtech or challenger version, depending on augments and what you hit. Roll on 6 then go up after hitting, Morello Liss helps to save a lot of HP especially in the midgame. Usually only playable when highrolling Warwick.